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Once today, once Monday, and once about 3 months ago, my StudioLive 32R will show maximum signal on all busses (FX 1-4, AUX 1-16, Main LR),

See video here:
phpBB [video]

Channels 1-32 have no active input, mutes have no effect on the meters maxing, and the mixer is outputting no sound. The mixer has exhibited this behavior on multiple firmware and UC Surface builds - I am on the most recent version(s) but I originally experienced this on a prior release as well. Once again, despite the meters being maxed there is no sound, and attempting to add sound to a channel via analogue input produces no visual or audible results while the mixer is in this error state.

I cycled the power numerous times, unplugged and re-plugged in the Network and USB cables, reset the mixer to factory settings through UC surface and yet the error persists. The meters show maxed across multiple control surfaces, my laptop (connected by USB and ethernet) and my iPad, connected via WiFi.

I have no repeatable method of causing or fixing this condition. Monday during a dry run it exhibited this behavior immediately upon powering on, and cycling power and recalling scenes and resetting to factory configuration seemed to have no effect, then it spontaneously quit, during one of my power cycles. Today, while powering on before our event (I left everything in place since Monday's dry run, only turning off the power) the mixer once again behaved this way; I took the same steps, cycling the power multiple times, unplugging all cables and recalling scenes and resetting to factory config. One of the power cycles stopped the condition, and we were able to proceed.

I can't believe I ended Monday's dry run with it working, then when I powered it on two days later (nothing touched or moved), it did it again.

Please help, I am afraid to take this mixer anywhere now.
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by wahlerstudios on Wed Jul 22, 2020 4:33 pm
Hmm, that doesn't look good. There is only one thing left you as user can do, before the mixer has to see the repair shop. It's called the "Mute All Button Reset":

StudioLive Series III Rack - Factory Reset and Firmware Revert

https://support.presonus.com/hc/en-us/a ... are-Revert

Store your projects and presets first on a tablet or computer because all user setings will be wiped out. Check the links in the document. You will have to do firmware updates after the reset.

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