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Hi, I have the Series III 32SC, and I'd like to duck one stereo source automatically when another stereo source is present. I've got a couple of questions about that:

1. Should I be using the compressor? (If not, ignore the next few questions because they are compressor-related.)
2. It looks like the max release is 900ms, what if I want to wait a few seconds or more before the other track comes back?
3. What's the proper setup for ducking? Infinite ratio and minimum threshold? That doesn't seem to do what I want, because the background track does not go away entirely.

Also: can I set a stereo source for sidechaining? It looks like it just allows Ch1-Ch32 individually?
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by SwitchBack on Sat Jun 27, 2020 2:16 pm
1. Yes, this needs some form of ‘infinite compression’, but the available compressors are not very suited for this
2. Keep talking ;)
3. Infinite ratio yes, but then it becomes difficult. Maybe there’s a good feature request in this, for a ‘ducker’ comp :)

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