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Hi all,
I just acquired a Studio Live 24R. Nice kit!
Sorry if this question has been posted before, but I cannot find it here right away.

I want to hook up several synths to my 24R and route its output via USB to my DAW.
From there I want to monitor it in my DAW in stead of in the 24R itself.
But I cannot get it to work... no sound comes through in the DAW at all.
I configured the DAW correctly, as a matter of fact I did it before with my old Focurite Pro40 (firewire).

The sound comes through fine when I route the signal Mic/Line 1 -> Channel 1 -> Main outs.
So it doensn't do: Mic/Line 1 -> Channel 1 and then route in "Digital Patching - USB sends" Channel 1 -> USB 1 -> DAW

Any ideas? Thanks for any clarification.
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by wahlerstudios on Thu Jun 11, 2020 2:17 pm
Hi, and welcome to the Forum! You need to sort out a little bit what you want to do. I give you two answers:

1) If you want to mix your instruments in the24R (via UC Surface), Main L/R is by default routed to USB Send 39+40. Create a stereo track in your DAW and select USB 39+40 as input source, then you should be able to hear your keyboard mix.

2) If you want to mix your instruments in your DAW, use the default 1:1 routing. Channel 1 sends to track 1, channel 2 to track 2 and so on. You can recall the default settings by a Master Reset in "Digital Patching" (System Settings).

Hope this helps.

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by johangeens on Thu Jun 11, 2020 2:41 pm
Thanks a lot, USB sends 39+40 did the trick :-)

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