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If I purchase version 4 can it live side by side with my version 2 (on the same p.c.) which runs my older (but very powerful) 32 bit vst software?
Until I crack a contract I can't afford to update those vst's but I would like to start learning vers 4.

Thanks for any help.

Russ Z
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by sirmonkey on Wed May 06, 2020 12:09 am
Yes. You can have them both side by side.
Important: You can open a song that was created in version 2 with version 4.
But once you SAVE a song/project in version 4, you can't open it in version2.

So if you want to work on something created on version 2 within version 4, you
can do that, BUT: Use the SAVE AS function, not just "SAVE"

"SAVE AS" means "leave the original file as-is, but save whatever I did as a brand new file,
and also leave the original file completely intact, with no changes whatsoever."

I also suggest giving the new version a new name, to differentiate from the original.

So if the ver2 song name was "Whack a Mole"....and you open it in S1 ver 4:
use SAVE AS "Whack a Mole S1ver4" (or something like that). Get what I mean?

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