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Hi, sorry if this has been answered before. I did search the topic as well as read the FAQ (just good netiquette) Also new to Studio One (4 Artist with the VST extension) being a Cakewalk defector :P Had been using that (first just a MIDI Sequencer running on DOS) software since 1992. I've also recorded in pro studios with the gear of a past era (analogue mixers, 2 " reel-to-reel for 24 tracks running at 30ips, patch bays and outboard gear)

My question is... any possibility of sending different (dry) signal levels from one or more tracks to the same FX bus? I don't see any level knobs or sliders. Those do exist in Cakewalk and on professional mixing board. Just think the analogy should be used in DAW software.

As an example, if I had snare drum on one track and main vocal on another, I would want to send both signal to the same FX bus with reverb, having the snare level a bit hotter than the vocal signal (both dry of course)

Again sorry for being a newbie with the software but, I do know sound engineering and what I'm looking for.

Other than this particular issue I'm loving Studio One more and more as I get used to its workflow. For me now it's just about recording my own music. I track my own guitars, bass, vocals, keyboards and synths the old fashion way (with a little bit of modern software cheating like multiple takes, copying and pasting, lol!) For drums I use Toontrack EZDrummer with additional librairies and a few different sounding sample sets (I love I can send different outputs of a virtual instrument in Studio One and treat those as different tracks :)
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by Bbd on Fri Apr 24, 2020 4:44 pm
You want to send different channels to the same EFX channel.
You create an EFX channel.
You then add a Send (click the + in the Sends section of the Mixer's channel and point to the EFX channel.
Do the same with the other channels you want to send to the EFX channel.
See this:


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