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I'm new to SO4 and also Superior Drummer. Here's what I've done:

[list=]I recorded a drum tracks
Dragged SD to the track view which created the instrument track in SO
Exported the drum tracks and then imported them into SD
Selected a drum kit
When I play the drum tracks in SO there are only the recorded tracks playing
I can see the meters bouncing in SD but I don't see where or if I need to route SD to an output in SO?[/list]
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by Steve Carter on Thu Apr 23, 2020 8:08 pm
Hi Gerald - let's take this a step at a time because I'm sometimes (well mostly) prone to misunderstanding.

1. You recorded a drum track(s) - presumably as a midi file that is Superior Drummer compatible. How and with what software/hardware?

2. You opened Superior Drummer in Studio One to create an instrument track - what version of Studio One? Note: VST's won't work in Studio One Artist without purchasing the VST add-on!

3. You exported the drum track(s) - from where to where? In what format?

4. You imported the drum tracks into Superior Drummer - You would normally have to do this from the Grooves page in Superior Drummer. Does the drum track show correctly in Superior Drummer in both the track event view and the Grid view? Are the meters moving for the individual drums in the Superior Drummer Mixer view? If you open Superior Drummer as a standalone and play the same drum track, does it play OK?

5. The next bit is ambiguous but - After you have loaded a drum kit into Superior Drummer, you start play in Studio One but you can only hear other prerecorded tracks playing (i.e. audio and/or instrument) not Superior Drummer - is that correct? If you click on the individual drums in the Drum page of Superior Drummer do you hear the drums playing?

6. Have you got a fader channel for Superior Drummer's output in the console of Studio One and is the meter in that console fader channel moving when the song is playing? If there is no channel for Superior Drummer in the console view, you can right click on the track box to the left of the main arrangemennt page in Studio One and choose 'show in Console' from the drop-down menu. When you open Superior Drummer in Studio One by dragging it from the Instrument tab in the browser it should automatically open an associated console fader.

Finally - always include your computer hardware & software details.

Regards... Keep safe.

Windows 10 Pro/i7 6800k @3.4Ghz/16Gb ram. Studio One Pro, Melodyne Editor 4, Vocalign Project, Superior Drummer 3, Izotope N2-O8 and various other plugins. Focusrite Saffire Pro 40, Faderport, Focal Alpha 50's, Korg Pa3x, Korg Pad Kontrol, numerous guitars, basses & other antiquated outboard gear.
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