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I have respectively an SL 24 III, an SL24R III (monitor / feedback mode), two Stagebox 8 and 16, an EarMix 16 and two SW5E for the PoE network. Everything that is audio goes to SW5E (port 1 links the two).

The two control RJ45s go to a Gygabyte TP-Link LAN router. The control is done either by an iMac under Catalina or an iPad 2019.

Despite many attempts, I can't:
- Update the firmware of SL24RIII and especially SW5E. The message returned on the iMac is "image cannot be read"(thé file is an img file, not a zip file)
- The SW5E all have the yellow LED of the busy link active, nothing is lit on the side of the AVB stream (blue LED. So I do not have an AVB network while I have all the components and the Cat6 links.

I followed all the Presonus tutorials, nothing works on a network.

Thank you for helping me and cordially!

PS: for firmware upgrades, only one element is connected to the iMac
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by Trucky on Sat Mar 28, 2020 8:26 am
What firmware versions are installed?

What method are you using to upgrade the firmware?

Please add your specs to your SIGNATURE.
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Windows 10 Pro 64-bit (1909), Studio One 4.6.1 Pro | Notion 6.5 | Universal Control v.
Dell Inspiron 17 5770 (Intel Core i7-8550U 1.8 GHz, 4GB AMD Radeon 530 Graphics, 16GB RAM, Samsung 860 EVO 2TB SSD
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