StudioLive 2442, 1642 and 1602 with Universal Control Ai, SL Remote & QMix
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i would encourage you to try the following steps because mine returns to life for few years now and never freezes again. I can enjoy use it again everywhere i want. : )

Obviously, the problem occurs because of a bad driver update!
At my opinion the last driver (1.50a build:190) can corrupt the all thing. The best to do is to install ALL the drivers one after the other.
Here is what's what i did:
-unplugged the console for a long time: weeks or a month.
-installed an older driver: uninstall your actual Universal Control from your PC (or Mac) with the uninstall App you'll find with UC v1.7 .dmg file, install universal control v1.5.3.1 it will do the job by saying that you have to update the firmware of your linked Studiolive. It will actually downgrade to 1.50a build:184.
> Be careful and read carefully the instruction on Presonus download page witch version is compatible with your system :readit:
You CAN'T install an older version on Mac if you are over certain OS version for example: it will end with a dead console corrupting the driver what means send it back to Freezonus
The best is, if you have a machine running under Snow Leopard or older...
> Don't go under UC 1.5.3 to prevent the point below! :evil:
Here is the download page: ... /downloads
> read the firmware versions's release notes! :reading:
- reset the board in Universal Control menu and use a zero out scene (board reset) on your scene menu of the console (recall zero out scene)
> you will loose all your personalised presets, scenes, GEQ... :shock: (sometimes you can reload them from your PC if you saved them before: the uninstall UC soft doesn't make his job totally, by chance
-NOW, try if all works fine : let the console play with an mp3 on a PA for some DAYS continuously to see if it helps adding some effects, comp and so on to make the machine "work"
May be you'll notice that, like mine, your console doesn't heat as much as before...
- if everything returns to a normal state, do the steps below again with ALL the next UC version and drivers: erase UC (like below), install UC 1.6 follow ALL the steps below(including factory reset, board reset...), erase UC 1.6, install 1.6.1 and so on...
Now your board should work normally! :thumbup:
Let me know, every constructive points here would be highly appreciated from all of us who went dead end!
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