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Hi there, I bought a Quantum 4848 back in July and it worked perfectly until December 2019.

Then it started disconnecting intermittently approximately every 15-20 mins, sometimes 5 mins.

I have an i9, 64 GB Ram PC running Win 10 & a Gigabyte Z390 designare MB.
Apple TB3-TB2 adapter, Startech cable.
Latest Pro Tools ( Quantum also disconnects with just a clean install of Windows and essential drivers)

Have logged ticket with Support and after a week or two of thorough testing they couldn’t figure it out and want me to send the unit back to my distributor for repair.
I spoke to the distributor (Gear4Music) and they won’t send me a replacement. I run a busy production studio and can’t really be without the device for the 40-60 days they have quoted for repair so just posting here to see if anyone has had the same problem.

Thanks in advance

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