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Lately I've been noticing a pop at the beginning of playback in my Sessions (using latest 4.6 build).
It seems to happen most often if the playback cursor is BEFORE the Start marker.. in which case it pops as it passes the marker, but there is no audio there and it doesn't happen every time.
None of my tracks are armed.
I I tried setting the inputs on some tracks to 'none' which seemed to make the problem go away for about a minute, but may be a coincidence.
Haven't yet found a 100% reproducible scenario.
I don't mind it so much during playback inside the session, the real problem is that the pop occurs in the render too after a mixdown. I have tried using online and offline rendering.
Same deal.
Anyone else experience anything like this?
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by mikemanthei on Wed Jan 15, 2020 12:20 pm
Yes, this just happened to me yesterday. I have a little snap with some Reverb on it that showed up beginning of an export to an MP3 file. It starts right at the beginning of the exported file.

What's post curious to me is that there isn't an audio event or virtual instrument event going that far back. So I wonder what it's playing?

It sounds like a metronome sound. With Reverb :-)

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by mikemanthei on Wed Jan 15, 2020 1:16 pm
I wonder if PreSonus is trying to fix that long-standing bug where MIDI instruments won't play if they start right at the beginning of the song?

Studio One v2, 3, and 4 Professional
Presonus 1818VSL / Focusrite 18i20 / StudioLive 32S
24-core Ryzen 9. 32 GB RAM
Tascam US-2400
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by Tacman7 on Wed Jan 15, 2020 1:55 pm
I set the loop marker back a bit when I export something I want to keep.

Otherwise the first hit is missing.

I don't have 4.6 yet though.

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by scottyo7 on Fri Jan 17, 2020 3:07 pm
Ah ha... yep, this happened to me too. :?
Except mine wasn't plosive or very loud - but was subdued... more like a 'muff' or 'quiet' pop.

-I zoomed WAY in to verify there wasn't any piece of audio or a midi note event.
-When I didn't see anything, I used the 'select tool' and selected 'everything' from the first event all the way back to the '0' mark and used "Delete Time".
-I then selected from '0' to bar 2 and selected "Insert Time".
-And I also Automated the Main track to Mute until the song started.

After doing all this, the pop-muff was gone. 8-)
I always have at least 1 bar before any audio or midi starts my song.
It's been stated many times in these forums to NOT have your song start at '0'. :roll:

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by jBranam on Fri Jan 17, 2020 3:41 pm
even if you have silence at the beginning of a part to be transformed to audio... i have found somehow the tail on the end gets recorded/bounced/printed at the beginning of the export. as was stated... i set loop marker slightly before the midi part to be rendered then bounce the looped section between markers which seems to remedy 100% so far quietly. you can even get slight reverb tails that wrap around back to the beginning and is recorded at the start and that is beyond me lol but extending the loop section out the front seems to be a work around at least for me. cheers

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