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I have a Presonus 192 and 2x DP 88 recording system.
I simply don't understand how the output system is working and it drives me crazy!!!

In studio one, I want to route some audio out of Adat 3+4 on the DP 88, using the DAC Dp25 connector on the back of the DP88.
I thought it should be a very easy task!

In I/O set up, I make an output and route it to Adat 3+4.
I select a channel and route this to my new output. It doesn't work!
The only signal I can play through all the Adat's is the main signal and make some monitor adjusting in the Universal Control.
I thought I had a 24in/24out recording system, but maybe I'm wrong?
Can someone please explain how the output system is working?:-)


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by Tacman7 on Tue Jan 14, 2020 8:03 am
I would start using only the 192. That's usb3 connection.

Get that all working then add the adat later, it needs to plug into the interface and you access it through the 192 connection.

If you work in 44.1k or 48k you will have 16 more channels than the 192 I believe using the digimax converters.

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by stefanrauch1 on Wed Jan 15, 2020 1:03 am
Sorry, that I have bad news for you, but if you want to do unrestricted direct routing out of a DAW, you unfortunately will have to bypass Universal Control. Otherwise you are only able to use the 4 Stereo DAW Outs inside of Universal Control to send to only the first 16 Outputs.
Really annoying and I was hoping for years now, that UC would some day be opened up to support the whole Interface´s IOs, or that you at least could use the DSP FX from inside S1 without UC. But this will most likely not happen.
I am currently looking into replacing my 192 with a RME Digiface USB.

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