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I'm just starting with the customization of MackieControl device mapping in Studio One for my Behringer X-Touch.

The default support/mapping is really limited compared to Logic Pro implementation. However, I'd like to share my findings in this post from time to time.

Here is something I'm really glad that it works with
Studio One 4.5. older versions will not have the input gain control parameter available.

Using pot to control input gain for selected channel

- backup original MackieShared.js first

- open MackieShared.js within text editor

- search for the following line:

    channelInfo.setPot (channelElement, flipped ? "volume" : "pan");

- change line to:

    channelInfo.setPot (channelElement, flipped ? "pan" : "InputFX/gain");

- save file

- restart Studio One

Pot will now control input gain ("InputFX/gain") for each channel in normal mode (FLIP button not enabled), otherwise pot will control pan (FLIP button enabled). Fader will still control channel volume and pan if flip mode is active.

In general it seems that you can map any command available in Studio One to any button (not F1-F8 only) on your Behringer X-Touch with a little effort. Furthermore you can multiple button functions when additional button like shift, command, option or alt pressed.

The implementation is not well documented therfore, this post should give some useful information how to customize MackieControl mapping.

That means the Behringer X-Touch could be customized to your special needs.

I'd be pleased if you post additional (tested) customizations to this post as well.

Thanks a lot!

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