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When creating a new track, it defaults to unity output level (0db) on every cue mix output. Any way to make new track cue mixes default to off? Since I'm sending multiple cue mixes to individual inputs of a headphone mix system if I forget to go in and turn down each individual send on every new track it ends up sending huge amounts of level to the headphones.
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by mikemanthei on Sun Dec 01, 2019 2:31 pm
Nope...You can't change the default level, but there are some other defaults that will help you. By default the cue levels are locked to the main level, so when you add a new track, the first thing you should do is lower the main fader before you bring up the gain. That will lower all of the cue sends as well and allow you to build your cue mixes sanely.

Another option is to build a template with enough tracks to handle a decent-sized session and have all of them preset to 0. But that one requires set up ahead of time.

A third option is to make a copy of an existing track where you already have the cue mix levels set correctly. This is currently my favorite because it requires no set up ahead of time and generally gets you in the ballpark with everybody's mix.

Somebody else may chime in with a few more options, because there are as many opinions as there are members here :-)

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by Jemusic on Sun Dec 01, 2019 3:05 pm
Cue Mix levels default to the channel fader level. So if the channel fader is at unity then yes it also defaults to unity. Cue mix levels are designed to reflect the channel faders overall mix which is actually good. (Another good reason by the way why you should not have all your channel faders at unity and create your mix using the Mixtool gain plugins. Yes you will still hear the same mix in the cue mixes but if you really want to push a particular channel you may not have enough gain in the channel fader to be able to it.)

So I would imagine when you do create a Cue Mix then the obvious thing would be to send at least some level and a level equal to the channel fader is good place to start. In the heat of the moment too in a recording session, if suddenly third Cue Mix was needed for say the keyboard player, one could do it, assign another pair of outs and boom you have the fader mixer being sent there. Then just fine tune. I would not want them all at no send level to start with. That would take much longer then to send all the tracks into the third Cue Mix.

Remember too you can select a whole bunch of tracks at once also and pull all the Cue Mixes down to zero in one hit. Then they are unlocked from that point on and you can create separate Cue Mixes which do not relate to channel fader levels.

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by peterbirch on Sun Dec 01, 2019 4:09 pm
Don't forget the infamous Import Song Data. Just import tracks from the songs that worked. Or create a dummy song with tracks set up in different ways and then only import the one's you want.

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by mjacobh on Wed Dec 04, 2019 12:52 pm
Thanks for the responses. I found a couple related feature request posts that I supported as well. I do wish there was a option to choose the default levels for both sends and the channel fader for new tracks. Coming from the analog world it's a bit counterintuitive to have any new channel start off with everything up. And for those of us that use multi channel headphone mixer systems (Axiom / Behringer / Furman / Hearback / PM16 / or Presonus' own Earmix system) to let band members create their own mixes, the usual workflow is to create multiple cue mix outputs (one for each input of the headphone system) and a given track only sends to one of those at a time - I'm not creating a cue mix for each member from the DAW, I'm creating a send for each instrument.
I do have a large template I'm starting from, and I like the suggestion to have a blank track set aside to copy from instead of creating a new track, but in the case where i do create new tracks even if I pull the fader down first, I then have to click the unlock for each send individually (8 stereo sends) so that's quite a slow workflow. If I'm I'm a hurry and forget then I've got full signal being sent to 16 channels of a headphone mixer simultaneously that's then summing into a set of headphones. Not good for the headphones or for anyone's ears that happen to be wearing them.

So far this has been the only real hurdle I've found in the S1 workflow. I'm coming from many years in Pro Tools world and trying to gradually make the switch. So far so good.

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