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Hi all,

I bought a PreSonus SW5E (updated to firmware because it looked like a good deal for an 802.1AS/gPTP switch with 802.3at/POE+ support.

However, it doesn't seem to ever send or forward PTP layer 2 ANNOUNCE messages. My network consists of a Meinberg LANTIME M1000 grandmaster, various working linuxptp clients. All these devices work flawlessly with the MOTU AVB switch or directly connected.

I see PTP path delay request and response messages from my devices and the switch. The peer delay is calculated to be less then 100 ns, but no additional messages pass like PTP management messages or ANNOUNCE messages from other devices on the same switch.

Is this switch not really 802.1AS complaint?

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by kylemanna on Fri Jan 17, 2020 10:23 pm
Update: was able to get this switch working with the other devices on my network after repeatedly plugging and un-plugging the RJ45 ports. Seems like there is some link transition bug in this setup. After the port comes up correctly it seems to run fine for weeks.

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