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Hello everyone! I am a beginner and I am learning on Studio One Prime 4. I have a problem with Audio Quantize.
First of all, I am recording a new track with my AudioBox input, not with a MIDI Controller. In AudioBox input I have a old keyboard and I am recording some 1/16 notes. When I select the event, I am pressing Q and nothing happens, I am entering in Quantize Menu and nothing happens. I just want to get some help with that, because I've never founded some tutorials dedicated for Quantize Audio in Studio One 4.
I will leave here a screenshot with my quantize settings and please if you have any tutorial for this send me some help, thanks!
P.S: I've pressed on Apply Button for "Quantize on track" and nothing happens.
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by scottyo7 on Wed Jul 31, 2019 1:20 pm
Quantize has various settings to use/select and one of those may be causing your issue.
It's not super easy to do or figure on your own but after following a tutorial and actually doing it a few times, you should be versed.

Back to basics:
Watch this from a Quantize guru and longtime S1 user. I think there's 2 more sections to follow.
Or you can simply search on YouTube to find more and one that you 'really understand'.

Uh-oh, I just 'compared' the three S1 versions and it's stated here (about 1/3 down the page) that the "Prime" version doesn't support "Transient detection with editable markers" so Quantize may not work since it does use Transient detection. It may be though that this page is out of date. :roll:

If this is so you can use (if you haven't already) the "Full" Pro version free for 30 days and try it that way.

If you've not already done so...
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