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I have a client who is having various people make lead sheets for him using Finale or Sibelius. These are cheap on-line places and there winds up being things that need correcting in the end that they’re not able to do. I can easily open these other lead sheets if they’re saved as a Mxl files and make changes etc. He’s concerned that Notion won’t be able to make “valid” lead sheets for future publishing. I’m not sure what he wants to do other than have pdfs people can buy but possibly he wants to put out a book at some point. I don’t know. I don’t think there are any issues using Notion for this but wanted to check with the experts here. I can cheaply cross grade to Finale if I want to (and maybe I will anyway) but I’m enjoying using Notion and don’t feel the need to learn yet another app for something simple like this.

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by Surf.Whammy on Tue Jul 23, 2019 6:39 am
I am using NOTION to create bits of sheet music for my new book ("The Art of Digital Music Production"), which is coming along nicely (over 400 pages, so far) . . . :)


The current plan is to publish it via BookBaby primarily as an eBook, so all the images and diagrams are small . . .

When I need to show something in music notation, I do the music notation work in NOTION and then do a screen capture on the Mac Pro (Early 2008) here in the sound isolation studio . . .

I use the Preview app to crop the screen capture and to sharpen the image, followed by saving it as a PNG file and then importing it to the Pages app, where I use the image handles to size it to fit . . .

I don't use the text-wraparound option, which makes layout work vastly easier . . .

It's basically the same way I compose posts on this forum, and I think it makes posts more interesting when they are multimedia rather than text-only . . .

This is one of the drawings from the book, and it's a visual diagram of the way I think "Blue Ain't Your Color" (Keith Urban) is produced and mixed . . .

[NOTE: This is easiest to understand when you listen to the song played through studio quality headphones like SONY MDR-7506 headphones (a personal favorite) . . . ]


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This is an example of music notation done in NOTION . . .


In addition to using NOTION to produce music notation in "sheet music" style, I also use it in YouTube videos . . .

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[NOTE: This is a YouTube video I did a few years ago to demonstrate having a bit of FUN with Mozart stuff, where the "puzzle" involves determinkng which measures Mozart wrote and which measures I wrote while being "Pretend Mozart", one of my virtual festival of personas . . . :P ]

phpBB [video]

Lots of FUN! :)

The Surf Whammys

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