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Thanks for this Lawrence, you are a star.


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by WaterlooSunset on Thu Apr 18, 2019 10:43 am
This is awesome indeed. Thanks for this.

I also agree with this quote.

"What I find just a little bizzarro is all through Studio One version 3 with the many requests for more variety of color, version 4 gives absolutely no enhancement towards that, yet a faithful user writes a script giving hundreds of color choices (albeit towards track color only)".

I have songs from V3 that I open in V4. I have greens that show correctly in V4 the way they were set in V3. I cannot create a new track in V4 with that same green, there is no choice in the V4 std palette.

I guess in a long about way I am agreeing with this needing to be better and Native in S1.

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by Lokeyfly on Fri Apr 19, 2019 12:19 pm
Lawrence wrote: Here's a toolbar add-on that allows you to create, store, import and export custom color sets of 40 colors using any RGB colors. It colors full tracks, not individual clips.

What I like in particular are the color sets are 8 main colors, so that readily provides 8 different sets of 5 different shades of each. Nice and practical when treating a track. The color selector icon also resides in a logical place along the adjustment tool bar, overhead where Macros and other logical tools are placed.

I don't mind that it doesn't adjust individual events either, because I adjust those individual events on my own. So if I introduce some color across a whole track, the different events shade to something close to that color hue, so events still keep their own identity, basically. Besides, if you need to override a color on an individual event (say one you're working on, or need to refer back to), it still can be done, and doesn't effect the rest of the track coloring. Ultimately, just works fine.

in other words, like so many things in a DAW, you make it work to your own needs. :)

Down the road, I'd like this implemented into the program, but in the mean time, knowing we have some resourceful people who find such script templates, or create/tweak their own and share in a good thing, is awesome. This is one of those good things!

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