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I recently added a digital snake to my studio and, as a consequence, changed a number of signal paths to and from my Midas M32. Now I realise I am unable to play back and master a large number of tracks (dozens) without opening each track/song and changing the output matrix. The mappings between my DAW and my console have been broken.

Is there a way to change that setting in a set of tracks without manually changing and saving every track?

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by Trucky on Fri Apr 12, 2019 12:47 pm
I/O mapping is specific to the song so you'll need to update changes to your existing songs. You can create a default I/O setup based on your new configuration so that any new songs work correctly.


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Windows 10 Pro 64-bit (v1809: Build 17763.379), Studio One 4.1.4 Pro | Notion 6.5 | Universal Control v3.0.0.51747
Dell Inspiron 17 5770 (Intel Core i7-8550U 1.8 GHz, 4GB AMD Radeon 530 Graphics, 16GB RAM, Samsung 850 EVO 1TB SSD
StudioLive Series III 32 v2.0.15934
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by bryanmiller5 on Tue Apr 16, 2019 4:29 pm
Thanks Trucky! I created the new default and also a new template which contains the new mapping. I am surprised (I guess I should no longer be) that there is no way to fix-up previously recorded songs.

I'll take a look at programmatically changing them and see if that is possible. If so, I will post details here.
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by bruceqld on Wed Apr 17, 2019 10:04 pm
My workaround for already recorded songs is to create a new empty song using a template that contains my new I/O configuration, save it to a new location with the name of the already recorded song you wish to re-map, then use 'import song data' to import all of the tracks, intruments tempo etc from the old song. Make sure everything is ticked in the import dialogue box. You will of course need to assign the tracks to whichever outputs you now wish to use, but it saves having to re-create the i/o settings from scratch which is a huge time saver.
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by thorstenmustermann on Thu Apr 18, 2019 7:15 am
bruceqld wroteMy workaround for already recorded songs is to create a new empty song using a template that contains my new I/O configuration

In other words: This is a unbelievable crazy part from PreSonus! SO4 should have since the first version 1 from years ago a functionally to store different I/O settings for using in different situations and not only a "default" configuration which can even not loading in existing projects/song data. This is so horrible! This is not acceptable at all!

I hope in next major update like 4.5 or even to version 5 PreSonus will make back the focus on recording production scenarios with real instruments. Therefore the SO users need powerful tools for recording and editing traditional audio channels. It should be self-evident that every DAW on market can handle existing projects with different Audio-Interfaces with different I/O situations. What to hell have the people from PreSonus in mind? Totally incomprehensible!

And it is also time for using different ASIO Audio-interfaces at the same time and in the same project together. For example: One special "low latency" interface for the inputs and one multi channel interface for the outputs. We are not more living in the past like the eighties! It is time for powerful tools even in SO4 DAW. Thanks.

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