AudioBox 1818VSL, 44VSL and 22VSL
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Man, I'm not sure this is even worth pursuing, but here goes. I have been using my 1818 via an Apple CCK with an iPad 2 running Auria - basically just using the 1818 as an interface to get audio to Auria. I recently purchased a used iPad Pro and was hoping to do the same thing. I thought I'd check with Support to get their input. I was told the 1818 is not supported in iOS. I found that interesting as the 1818 works exactly the way I need it to with my older iPad 2. I mentioned as much to Support who responded "it might work" and was told to check over here with anyone running a similar setup.

I am making the assumption that with a Lightning to 30 pin - coupled to the CCK - I should be able to do what I already can do with the iPad 2 on my iPad Pro. Does anyone here have any experience with a similar setup?

I am also assuming what Support meant by the 1818 not being supported in iOS is that the 1818 will only operate as an interface without all the Fat Channel et al bells and whistles.

Any input - no pun intended - would be appreciated. Thanks!
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by themaartian on Sat Mar 30, 2019 5:00 pm
The 1818VSL is a class-compliant device, so it should work with any iPad. The issue is the ability of your phone to handle the data stream. If you're only using a few of the inputs, you should be OK. Trying to record and playback all of your input channels might be a bit of a stretch.

I'm on Android, but use a driver from Audio Evolution for their Android DAW that allows it to communicate with class-compliant devices. I also use an Apple camera kit to convert my phone from a USB slave to a USB master. Works great.

Here's AE's list of compatible devices (for Android). Scroll down and take a look at the comment for the 1818. ... dio-driver

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by THX1136 on Sat Mar 30, 2019 8:02 pm

I don't have a smart phone - just the iPad Pro. With my older iPad 2 I could record and playback 16 tracks at a time with no issue out of Auria. I am hopeful with the iPad Pro that I will have as easy a time since I've got more RAM and a faster processor. I'm planning on using the iPad nearly exclusively for recording which I think will make a difference also. Checked out the link you included which was interesting, but doesn't really apply to my issue. Thanks for including it though - never know when something might come in handy.

I did get a Lightning to 30 pin cable so I can pass audio in from the 1818. It should be just like the iPad 2 basically. Just need the opportunity to hook things up and give it a test run.

Thanks for taking the time to help out! Hope all is well.

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