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hi all
i have studio one 4 professional, and im having difficulty trying to get bias fx to work with studio one

somehow i managed to get the wah pedal in bias fx to work with the shortboard, but that is the only parameter that shows up on the midi settings.

i cant seem to get any "parameters" that i set in "midi assignment" to show up on the parameter window that sets the parameter to the control....i hope that makes sense.
basically the short board side is working fine, its the bias fx side that is giving me issues.

am i missing something on how to get parameters to show up on the studio one midi assignment?

like i said the only effect i was able to link was the wah to the expression pedal.

thanks in advance
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by Tacman7 on Sat Mar 16, 2019 9:26 pm
You're talking about passing midi to the plugin where it will do things?

So you would see those parameters when you open the midi key editor, down at the bottom?

You add parameters there by clicking the 3 little dots on the far left tab

Or are you wanting to set up automation?

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