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I recently got a second 16M and after updating its firmware I realized a dramatic difference in the loudness of both units. Jonny Doyle from PreSonus Support asked me to update both units and indeed, the new firmware adds something like +15 dB to all input and output channels. Incredible! This really makes the EarMixers much more usable. The sound has always been great, now there is more than enough "power" to handle the mixes.

Please, watch out your ears! They might get damaged next time you use an EarMix...


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by PreSonus Seth on Thu Mar 21, 2019 10:02 am
It's +10 on the Input and Output.

Protip: Set each channel to Post-DSP, then all AVB sends will have Fat Channel processing applied to the EarMix streams, which can help increase volume (comp make-up gain, etc).

Also, take advantage of the built in limiter per channel on the EarMix, that can help maintain a solid level in the EarMix without having too many peaks hit the main out.

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