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Hi guys
I am trying to set up my StudioLive III 16 gate for voice-over use...and no matter how I change parameters, I cannot get a clean sound.
I have a Shure SM7B mic connected to the board. Input levels are fine (I use a Fethead and 48v, preamp gain at the board is set to 45db), as I said, healthy income levels.
I have a non-treated room, that´s why I want to use the gate, it is fairly quiet but with some reverb.
I either hear a slight "shhssss" when talking (when the gate engages) or my words are cut-out.
Any guidance on how to set it up properly for voice-over use will be highly appreciated.
I know it depends on each room, mic, etc..I am just asking for general guidance with Threshold, Range, Key filter, Attack and release to sound natural.
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by PreSonus Seth on Wed Mar 13, 2019 10:47 am
It will be very hard to give you exact settings.

I suggest using the Key Filter, to narrow down the frequency to which the gate's detector will use to open / close the gate. Set that to the frequency that is most prominent in the voice signal, say, 300-1k range. This will change the gate's behavior immediately.

Next, set the attack to the fastest setting, and roll up slowly till it starts to miss your initial transient, then bring it back. For release, anything around 500-1000ms should work. Adjust the threshold after that till it's opening and closing where you like it.

Then, use the Range Knob to dial how much signal the gate reduces the signal by. The higher the number, the less signal the gate suppresses when engaged. This will help keep the gate sound more natural.

It's a balance and requires tweaking to use the gate properly.

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