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Has anyone successfully imported FX presets from the RM32AI into the 32R?

I just upgraded from the RM32AI to the 32R. I was able to load all of my show scenes into the 32R but none of the FX presets imported. Any thoughts?

I dont mind setting up manually but the setting are different on the 2 units.

Any help would be appreciated.

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by wahlerstudios on Sun Mar 10, 2019 2:36 pm
The Series III reverbs and delays are not compatible with the reverbs and delays of the AI generation of mixers. They are simply totally different beasts. Do NOT try to load old presets, because this can corrupt your new scenes and presets.

Basically this is true for everything you might want to transfer from AI RM or AI SL to Series III. Any old setting or preset can corrupt scenes and presets you create on the new mixer. You have to start form the scratch, if you want to prevent problems. It is even recommend to load the Zero Out scene often, because the mixer simply works better when settings are reset. Actually, this has been the same in all generation changes. You could not use the "classic" settings on the AI SL mixers, the SL settings not on the RM mixers and so on...

The best you can do is to create your scenes and presets new and get rid of the "old" stuff. The Series III mixer sound better, so you don't need so much processing as before and you can get along with different settings. What you need to do is to listen to the mix and make changes, if needed. Use the parametric equalizers to CORRECT something (if needed) and use the modelled equalizers to SHAPE the sound (if needed).

If you are using a single mixer, the routing settings are not important, but if you want to add a personal mixer (EarMix 16M) or any other networked device, recalling the Zero Out scene becomes even more important, because it also resets the complex inpiut and output routing settings.

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