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S3 Mixers (Consoles and Rack Mixers?) have a built in RTA.
Can I use this RTA FOH, when I connect a PC to a S3 RackMixer 32R with Ethernet?
Can I use this RTA on an iPad connected via WiFi?

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by wahlerstudios on Thu Mar 07, 2019 4:59 pm
Yes, all Series III mixers have a Real Time Analyzer built in, which is displayed in all available parametric and graphic equalizers on the console (touch screen), on one USB connected computer and all tablets and computers connected wireless.

It's a "simple" RTA, no spectral analyzer. Only one RTA can be displayed at a time. It is not possible to use different RTA's on the console and on a computer or tablet. When the Fat Channel equalizers (plug-ins) are used, RTA display is not available.

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