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I just bought a SL Series III 24R. Very nice mixer. I have been using Mackie DLs, but wanted a smaller format digital mixer.

The 24R is really nice, but it seems to be missing a key feature... I can't find HPF on the Main outputs. I can see they are on Auxs, but not on the Mains. Less critical (but still significant) is no LPF on Mains or Auxs.

Why is this an issue? I run Aux fed subs, so the Main output goes only to my tops, and one of the Aux mixes is use for my subs. I need a HPF for the tops to match the crossover on my subs. I was advised by Presonus to use the shelving EQs on the GEQ for the Mains, but that is not the same as a HPF, and I can't properly match the crossover point between the subs and tops without the HPF.

Similar (but less critical) is missing LPF filters on the Auxs to help me easily adjust the crossover point for my subs without going and reprogramming the on-board DSP on *each* of my subs.

Mackie DL mixers have these features. I'm pretty amazed that they are not on the SL Series III mixers.

Presonus, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE add HPF and LPF controls on the Mains and Auxs!!

If anyone out there has a recommendation, please advise. (Buying an external crossover is not a reasonable solution in my opinion for a modern digital mixer.)


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