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The question is about Presonus Studio 18|24.

I'm able to get hardware monitoring of analog inputs using Universal Control but when I unmute ADAT inputs with some audio signal present (the meters are moving) in the UC, there's no output.

Is it possible to get analog output signal from ADAT inputs using Universal Control?
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by vlad-g on Fri Mar 08, 2019 4:27 pm
Hmm, the same for S/PDIF input. I can't achieve S/PDIF input monitoring using Universal Control application.
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by riniehuigen on Sun Mar 24, 2019 11:52 am
Hi Vlad… I tried it for you and had the same expierience. I have a Boss GT-10 effects processor with SPDIF out and connected it to my Studio 18|10 SPDIF In. I also see the meters moving but there is no sound. I think this is strange. Then I created a project in Studio One and made an input for the SPDIF. Created a new track and set that to monitor the signal. This made it possible to hear the sound.

I am on Windows and in the control panel I adjusted the Sound -> Record tab -> SPDIF In -> Properties -> Listen tab -> Listen to this device -> Enabled the checkbox -> Apply. I could hear the sound now (with latency).

However I could not find a way to get it working with Universal Control only! I have the S/PDIF in Universal Control set to the Main Mix so I think I should be able to hear that. But I don't!

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