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Hey guys,

So it seems like it's a common issue, and yet I've tried a lot of the fixes with no results.
So, I've bought an Audiobox USB 96 and while it WORKS (i mean, it lights up and when i play my instrument i hear sound in the headphones), I can't get it to be acknowledged by windows.
When I plug the unit, no tada sound is played. When I unplug it also. (While it does for other USB devices). I've tried uninstalling and installing the drivers and Universal Control again, as mentioned before, and no result.
My USB cable is plugged to a USB2 port directly on the back of the unit, directly to the motherboard.
I initially plugged it in a USB3 port on the back of the unit, so when I tried plugging it back in the same socket, no response either.
When I open my device manager with hidden devices showing, there is nothing listed as "unknown" or "presonus" or "audiobox". When I open Universal Control, nothing shows up in the window. I've entered my profile info (email and password) in Universal Control, no update available.
I'm using Ableton Live and when I try to setup, I get to pick the ASIO AUDIOBOX USB driver, and then i get an error message saying there was trouble with the driver.
There simply is no audiobox showing in my devices.

As asked before, I'm going to put my config info in my signature.
I'm at a loss. I also have another issue, but that's re: the extra stuff I can't seem to get activated (VSLs and free plugins, etc) so I guess PreSonus is looking quite bad at the moment.

Thanks in advance for any help, I don't know what to do next.
Oh, and also, excuse my english. :)

Windows 10 Home 64-bit - Universal Control v2.10.1.50831
AMD Ryzen 5 2400G, 8GB RAM - Ableton Live 10
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by charlescazal on Thu Feb 14, 2019 6:26 am
Ok so apparently it works with another usb cable than the one provided.

Windows 10 Home 64-bit - Universal Control v2.10.1.50831
AMD Ryzen 5 2400G, 8GB RAM - Ableton Live 10
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by cristofe on Thu Feb 14, 2019 3:07 pm
First off the Audiobox is not compatible with USB 3 ports. It must also be plugged into the same port as it was installed to. If you wish to use a different port, you must perform a full clean uninstall and then re-install the Audiobox to the new port. Hope this helps.

(VSLs and free plugins, etc)

VSL?? The VSL software was discontinued quite some time ago and was NEVER intended
for use with your particular interface. And, if you're using Studio One Artist it does not host ANY 3rd
party plugins. In order to host plugins you need to either purchase the VST addon:

Or upgrade to Studio One Professional.

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