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Hi all,

I was just wondering if anyone else is experiencing this - or if I am just doing something daft...

If I assign the function keys on the Faderport, save the song, and quit S1, when I reopen the song again, the keys are returned to their default values. This seems very odd.

If you want to try it out - a long winded series of steps to reproduce follows. I'd really appreciate anyone either confirming that this happens to them too - or telling me I am an idiot and pointing me in the right direction to solve the issue!


To replicate:
Create new song
Edit the external device focus mappings for Faderport
**F4 key is currently set to 'Browser' by default
Right click the F4 key to assign command
Select 'Add bus channel' from the console menu
Click OK
Press 'F4' on Faderport
**Bus channel is created as expected.
Save song
Quit Studio One
Reopen Studio One
Reopen song
Press 'F4' on Faderport
Expected: Bus channel to be created
Observed: Browser is selected instead - the Faderport has returned to its default settings.

I'm using S1 Pro 4.1.3
Macbook OS 10.13.6

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