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I'm just getting back into recording/mixing after a few years off, so this might be rough on your ears. It's all done in S1 v3 pro.

It's an attempt to mix a tune recorded by a friend, and the vox and sax are performed by his daughter and school friends. Drums are canned EZ-drummer loops, the rest is live.

I'm not doing the tune any justice with my mixing, so appreciate any advice on how to correct low-hanging fruit issues.

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by timmorris on Mon Feb 11, 2019 1:37 pm
Hi...well done for posting something !...thats a good start.

All the bits are there...but the mix is not quite...

I found myself turning up at the start only to get a shockwave when the crash and drums came in...

I would go through the tracks and check your peaks an levels, maybe think about some light compression to get a more even mix, there is also a bit of a mid range thing going on which is slightly nasty on my monitors anyway.

The instruments seem to be fighting each other, its like they kept getting turned up to cut through when its not volume they need its EQ .

Any how...who am I :roll: ...just my opinion...

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by soerlema on Mon Feb 11, 2019 3:24 pm
Not bad at all, but it could use more punch.
The bass needs a lot more power (some compression maybe).
The girl has a very nice voice, reminds of Norah Jones at times. But there are some pitch issues which I'm sure could be fixed.
I understand you had to mix with tracks that were recorded by someone else. This makes it extra challenging because the recording quality might be compromised.
I would pan the sax towards the left and the acoustic a bit more right with a bit of stereo reverb. The problem is that the EZ drums sound super stereo and roomy and the sax and acoustic are very 'mono' and dry.
I like the song though and it has a lot of potential.
Hope this helps. Just my opinion :)

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by Black_Haus on Mon Feb 11, 2019 5:53 pm
I really like the song.

The singer has a great voice. I would add a bit of ambiance to her track and pan the backup vocals a little more to the center with a lower volume. Maybe panned like 50-60% right/left and add some reverb to them as well so they sit back in the mix a bit. Then certain sections of the backup vox could be panned out wider for some variety.

The low end of the Drums and the Bass could be more prominent to add some weight to the track and some of the cymbal crashes could be reduced in level by lowering the MIDI note velocity. Some slight panning of the Sax & Guitar to separate their spaces might be useful.

Some of these suggestions might be considered more production choices rather than mixing and all are just my personal opinion so take them as such.

Very nice performances by the musicians.

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by zzskhg on Mon Feb 11, 2019 11:23 pm
Thanks for the listen and comments! I'm going to attempt a remix from scratch this weekend with your comments in mind. My gain staging on the first pass was pretty lazy, I didn't keep in mind that the song changes levels frequently, and because there's so few tracks I didn't do any bussing.

I'm hoping better gain staging and bussing will allow me to level things out with light compression on the busses, that seems to be something everyone caught as an issue.

As far as EQ, I SUCK at it, but will try to address those issues as well. I'll post a v2 in the near future. Thanks again!

Windows 10 home, i7 quad core, 16 gig ram, studio 192, faderport 8, jbl lsr305 monitors. S1v3.2 pro.

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