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Hello everyone,

I want to use Addictive Drums (AD) in a project and have some questions about how to load it and what is the best way to set it up and so on.

This is what I did so far (just to be sure that the basics are correct):
I dragged the program on a track. AD then appeared at "Instruments". Then I could go on an instrument track and include AD at "Instrument Output".

1. Is this correct and the proper way to do it?

Now, a little something about my prefered workflow:
When I put together a drum arrangement I always load multiple drum midi clips, put them on different tracks and then work out which one works best in the context of the song. In other words, at the beginning I don't only have one drum track but three or four.

2. If I do that in Studio One, do I have to "load" AD on each of these tracks?
Or is there some other way to load midi files on an "empty" track from which they are routed to another track which is the only one that has AD actually loaded?

At "Instruments", AD can be expanded. If I do that I get a list of all the different drum instruments. If I tick them I get new entries in the Mixer for all of them (13 instruments totally).

3. What would be a good way to flexibly show and hide all these entries?
I might need all of them at an early stage of the mixing process but later on I would like to concentrate on bigger groups of instruments and busses (and therefore hide them).
The only idea that I have right now, is to hide all instruments in the Channel list.

Finally, something that is not related to instruments but also plays a role here for me.

4. If I, as explained before, use different drum tracks and want to listen to them in a row in order to compare them and find out which one works best, what would be a good way to do that?

I am searching for something that enables me to mute a number of tracks except for one and then mute/unmute one after the other.

Thanks in advance.

PS: My first post here, I hope everything is all right ;-)

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