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sOne 4 prime / pro demo absent from win 10 volume mixer

hp probook x360 440 g1 / windows 10
focusrite scarlett 2i4 (g1)
genius 5.1 home system, extra old


goal: screen capture studio one 4 with obs studio screen capturer.
issue: when playing studio one file, the sound from studio one is not captured by obs studio. picture is captured.
sound from sOne is audible.
obs studio does capture sound from all other sound-producing software.
there is no sOne icon in windows 10 volume mixer (R-click volume icon in taskbar > open volume mixer).

did my homework:
o.s. sound settings > audio device (scarlett) > advanced > exclusive mode - enable/disable/restart - checked
sound control panel > playback - disable all other devices (onboard audio - conexant isst audio), enable/disable/restart - checked
sound control panel > recording - there is 'stereo mix' device (conexant isst audio, onboard), enable/disable/restart - checked
o.s. settings > app volume and device preferences > input & output - scarlett; app volume - default - checked
whatnot - checked
sOne re-install (from prime to demo pro) - checked
check obs studio settings - checked - it works (audio capture) for all other apps
o.s. restart couple times - checked
must-walk the dog - checked

sOne at start does report problem with audio device (scarlett usb), on reconect does work, i can hear song playing.

extract: sOne is not on the o.s. volume mixer list, therefore obs studio can not capture audio from sOne, though audio from sOne is clearly heard, through default audio device.

i do not recall any recent app installation, and the issue was present from the beginning (when i tried to screen capture sOne with obs studio).

i vote anonymously for feature request: global pitch (for digital sounds) setting; 432 is getting popular, 443 is concert average, so i heard, many players do have non 440 hz tuned instruments. thank you, best daw ever (not that i have used many daws) - extra intuitive, neat and choco skin... yummy.

hope someone can point me to the solution, or at least towards the solution.

besta regarda, have fun, s love nia

ps: uppps, almost forgot, here is the pudding:

pps: if someone finds crazy discount on sOne 4 Pro, please let me know! thank you, bow, bow.
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by scottyo7 on Wed Jan 16, 2019 4:09 am
I'm sorry but I don't follow your description that well... but I do understand your having sound issues. :(

Go here to review how to setup your Audio Device (Scarlett) in Studio One.

You won't see "Studio One" in your Volume mixer choices... you should see the Scarlett Interface when it's setup correctly. Others have used that device, so that's good news that it should work once you follow the setup.

If you haven't already done so...
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