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I've had an issue with that recently too, but my cause is entirely different than everyone else's

In my case, I've been trying to open a plug-in , and the plug-in will open up behind the console window. .. Instead of in front of it. And then, the plugin window will become modal.... and Studio One will not be responsive until that window is closed

So it appears that studio one has become unresponsive and will continue to play in the background. But in fact it's just waiting for me to close the plug-in window

I am only able to cause this issue on Windows 7 when using a touchscreen monitor. Windows 10 doesn't appear to be affected

Studio One v2, 3, and 4 Professional
Presonus 1818VSL / Focusrite 18i20 / StudioLive 32S
24-core Ryzen 9. 32 GB RAM
Tascam US-2400
Faderport 8
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by ashleyhill1 on Wed Sep 04, 2019 4:35 am
Hi there, just googled and came up with this thread, as the exact same thing was happening to me loads last night. Hit play and it's fine, then freezes for what seems ages, although playback continues in the background, then it all becomes responsive again but can reoccur quite quickly. Just updated to 4.5.3 (the NKS update). Anyone get a fix for this? I'll try the different driver update options. It hadn't happened before, and my machine is relatively high spec, W10 i7 3.4 quad core 16gb ram.

Thanks in advance for time and consideration
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by alpatemrah on Wed Mar 25, 2020 1:37 pm
I have the same problem. S1 wont accept input for a short while but audio keeps playing. This is on a long project (about 40 mins) with 50 tracks and a few VST instruments.

Win10 64, 64 gb RAM, i9 9900 CPU, NVE for the system and SSD for the samples and recording drives.
This didnt happen on my old i7 computer with slower ssd's and half the RAM.
One thing that is sub-optimal is that I have onboard graphics - Intel HD830. Which should be enough as I can even play some basic games on it.

S1 latest build.

Anyone had any luck figuring this out?

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