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My 16.0.2 just cut out all of a sudden while I was playing. Had to turn it off and on then my sound came back. However, now my stereo channels 9/10, 11/12,13/14,15/16 left side went out on all of them. I hit input and can see the levels are still registering for my stereo channels but not sound out of the leftside. Was wondering why my keyboard was sounding weak. Only one side was working. Had to link 7/8 together.

Guess it’s time for a new mixer😱😭😭😭
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by Riker on Thu Mar 15, 2018 7:53 pm
Wow this thread dates back years! with similar issues about inputs no longer working. My 16.0.2 inputs died on me about 2 weeks ago. I've been using this unit since shortly after it was available for purchase and never had any issues until about 2 weeks ago. Thing is, everything else on the mixer seems to work fine, I just can't record anything !!

Currently in search for a replacement audio interface for my studio. I actually rented out (for a week) a Presonus Studio 192 Mobile unit and a Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 unit for testing in my studio to see if one of those could be a replacement for my 16.0.2

Well, the short answer is, NO, they are not. The Studio 192 has no bottom end and sounds very thin, the Scarlett has decent low end, but way to crispy high end, you lose full range sound like in drum toms etc. too much "shimmer" and it takes away too much for my taste.

Playing back 16bit 44.1 CD on all 3 units, the 16.0.2 sounds the best by a WIDE margin, night and day compared the other two in terms of overall sound quality. Songs are more engaging, plain and simple.

Heard the Focusrite Clarett and that sounds much better than the Scarlett, but now looking at Antelope Discrete 8 or Zen Studio+, RME Fireface UFX+, MOTU 828ES and a few others, including Focusrite RedPre 8. I am on PC (Windows 7) so I need USB first and foremost, Thunderbolt second.

So many interfaces, so many options and features at so many price points it's crazy. Sure, if I was a millionaire I could by the best there is for my needs, but I'm not so more research is required. Would appreciate knowing what you guys went to after the demise of your Studio Live.


Studio Live 16.0.2, Studio One 2.6, Event Opal monitors, Rode NT1A, Shure SM57, Beta58, 2014 Spector NS-2, Presonus HP60
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by mpstar on Sun Aug 05, 2018 2:52 pm
Hey, Guys! I had similar problem. After short voltage outage channels 1-12 had no input sound on my 16.0.2 mixer. 13-16 worked fine. Maybe you have similar issue.

Recently the solution was found by user oscarmonsalvo. I decided to check the information from his posts on forum. The problem caused by some voltage regulators feeding Analog-digital converters. Repair will cost you less than a dollar. I wrote a guide of successful repairing my 16.0.2 console - it also can be useful for you. ... -solution/
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by fantomania on Fri Dec 28, 2018 3:17 pm
Hi folks
I own a Presonus studio live 16.0.4 for a couple of years now and have not been using it
because of the "inputs not working" issue. I was looking for another audio interface when I look up this forum after a couple of years to see if Presonus did come up with a solution for this issue.

It seems not but if have seen newer posts about it and followed user mpstar post about replacing the 2 voltage regulators. So I did brought the board to my local radio shack store and asked them to replace them for the 2 recommended ones. Now the Presonus is working again.
I will post if any issues comes up. Thank you mpstar for posting the link.
See attached pics.


NEW regulators.png
New regulators.
OLD regulators.png
Old regulators.

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