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Hello :D

Excuse my english, I am using a translator :roll:

A few days ago I bought the package of waves plugins "platinum" and wanted to install it in studio one 4 prime, to my surprise I can not load vst, I read that acquiring the professional version of studio one 4 would not have problems, however I wanted to know if acquiring the artist version of studio one 4 could install the plugins.

On the other hand, to know if once acquired the program (artist - professional) I can install it in another computer (later I am going to buy a computer dedicated to audio, in which I am working now it is not very powerful.

From already thank you very much
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by joaqunarielestrada on Wed Oct 17, 2018 8:35 pm
* do you know if acquiring the version of studio one artist + VST and AU and Rewire Support could insert the plug ins of waves? or I definitely have to get the professional version?

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