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I am using Pro Tools HDX now and Pro Tools for many years...but for many common reasons as many other Pro Tools users I am considering to move to other DAW and Studio One seems a very great option.
So Before jumping into Studio One for evaluation and learn about the many amazing Studio One features that Pro Tools do not have and who knows if they will implement those in the next 10 years.... I want to know if certain Pro Tools features I need exist or have an equivalent in Studio One.

1- Windows Configuration: to be able to store Open Windows. for example all the Vocal Plugins in your face: window Config 1

2-Can you have Floating Faders?? lets say Vox, Kick and Send Faders Floating in the middle of the Screen?

3-Group Channels.

4-Assign an a track to multiple output and buses example Track 1 goes to output 2 and bus 3 at the same time

5-Sends Pro and Pre Fader

6-Pre and Post Track Metering

7-Is the Delay Compensation better than in Pro Tools?

8-Be able to make many track width bigger or smaller at once


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