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Hi guys! I am trying to using my alesis dm5 to record midi kick drum. I already am recording audio triggered kick from the alesis but want the midi as well for more tone options.

I have the midi cable plugged in the midi out on the alesis and the midi I/o on the digimax dp88.

i setup the midi track with the input set to studio 192 omni and I am unable to record any midi at all.

I went into preferences to see if i could switch from studio 192 to digimax dp88 for the midi settings and digimax isnt listed.

What am i missing or not doing right? thanks.

oh I also checked my module settings and everything seemed to be right.
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by Skip Jones on Sat Aug 18, 2018 2:27 pm
The MIDI on the DP 88 is for the controllable preamps. Refer to the downloadable DP 88 manual.


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