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I'm using a 24R rack as my main mixer (no console). I recently purchases an NSB8.8 and was able to successfully route input and output source signals. However, I'm not able to send EFX from the 24R rack mixer Aux that is routed to the NSB output connection. Also, I'm not able to mute or have fader control on the Master Aux. Here's the setup: Physical microphone connection on INPUT #1 of the NSB. On the 24R rack mixer/UC side, it's routed to channel #25 as a "digital/network" connection. Physical cable connection on OUTPUT #2 of the NSB then routed to Aux #2 on the 24R rack mixer side. Would appreciate any "input". No pun intended. :)
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by bubbaguth on Wed Jul 11, 2018 4:45 pm
Could you provide the firmware running on your NSB/24R and UC Surface App version?

Couple things to review:
- FX are post fader, so to hear them in your Aux's, you need to remember that that corresponding channel" Main" fader needs to be turned up and also make sure the FX returns faders are up for that Aux mix as well. If you do this a lot, I am sure you know this already, but I always forget this since I on extremely rare occasions put FX in monitor.

- Do you have your Output stream assigned to AVB send 41-48 under Network/Stagebox setup and don't forget to press "Apply"? Stream 41-48 correspond to by default to Aux 1-8...but double check your routing grid under AVB sends just to make sure that they are still at default.

If you are still having problems, I would suggest opening a ticket with support

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