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If you have the GPO 5 (Garritan Personal Orchestra 5) library here's an upload of a empty song template and simple demo's I've made.
 The Notion document file is called -Console- .

I'm hoping folks will download and try it. Cool if they put some work they've made with it here for us to listen to.
Composing music should be the majority of the time spent using Notion. Hopefully this template will make it simple and fun to compose organ parts in Notion after getting used to how it works.

-Console- uses the GPO 5 Custom Organ Console preset.
The music demo example I've added isn't that impressive or complex. Wanted to keep it simple and short.

Been wanting to experiment on different ways to get more automation within my Notion scores, forever.
Spent a lot of time trying to learn how I can get better at using Notion. The generally target being audio recordings. Time spent finding way's to avoid hangups. And to find and create the workflow I think is best for me. Also to define and except what I can't get Notion to do too.


I have not really spent much time testing how the "Console" will work in practical daily use on complete score composition. But so far it seems to me it could work for music from Bach to Beethoven. Rock and future. Tried to layout the basic Score Setup as best I could think of for now.
It visually is not intended to be for convention notation and print. But is intended for composing with playback and less distraction from eye motion. i.e. leaving the score window to check realtime controls in another GUI viewing window?
[BTW, I've heard some vsti developers recommend viewing it's GUI while preforming. At least while editing and auditioning it's sound and response.]

Here is a list of things to help use the template -Console_ notion file.
(422.47 KiB) Downloaded 93 times

Take care and avoid unconsciously deleting the attached staff rules and other staff assignment changes.
   Of the x01-20 Notion Express Entry technique shortcut key's used...

• x01-12 = turns sliders 1-6 on/off.
   (Odd numbers = off.
   (Even numbers = on.

• x13-17 = MIDI cc10 panning L to R (x15 = C).
   x20 = Reset instrument to the Console preset default settings.

• Put rests on single-line staff's where desired. Attach dynamics to those rests and connect using hairpins to modulate up and down the
    registered slider value during playback.

• Use the Sequencer staff to improvise difficult transcriptions and record other MIDI control change.

-Skipped YouTube. Here's a MP4 demo screenshot video to download if desired.

[ Play Quicktime file ] cd622.mp4 [ 7.35 MiB | Viewed 1180 times ]

Hope Notion will soon find ways to implement some similar type of automation. Using other yet similar and smaller display elements.
Anyway, if you have GPO 5 try this out. Hope you have fun. Give some example

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by johnnewberry on Fri Jun 22, 2018 9:52 pm
Here's a playable document to try. You have to have the GPO 5 Aria Player (Multi) installed in the Notion VST Plug-in Manager.
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Hope to make availability my full and complete rulesets for the GPO5 and COMB 2 libraries. Also, I'm going to try and tackle rulesets for the World Instruments and the Jazz and Big Band 3 libraries too. The Aria player and it's samples have a light CPU load and similar to the Notion LSO Sounds large orchestra sizes can be used in Notion scores easily. The two work together and compliment each other. A huge selection of sample's for a variety of texture complexities and variations to blend. I've taken the time to get the most out of those libraries using Notion. Pretty cool and easy to use. I think the COMB 2 library is my favorite of the bunch. So far. The GPO5 is nice too and beyond previous GPO4 it has the added GOS (Garritan Orchestral Strings.) along with other nice instruments that opens up things a lot as far as some better and alternative sounds I think. Another quick footnote to mention is that I'm using the Studio One instruments too with Notion. Using Ext. MIDI and ReWire synchronization. Nice beefy sounds. I'm getting good control of the Studio One instruments sound characteristics using rulesets in Notion.
  Hope some folks will make some music using the template file Console_


P.s. The Notion mixer was not spread left and right in the above uploaded template Console_ file.
So the preset panning would not be apparent when changes in the score are made. Resaving it with that set full left and right is a quick solution.
Or you can download it again here if you'd like. I changed it.
(423.13 KiB) Downloaded 73 times

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by thomasbaxter on Wed Jun 27, 2018 11:05 am
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by frank.crow on Wed Jun 27, 2018 3:17 pm
Thanks so much

Mac Mini (Late 2014)
Processor: 3.0 GHz Intel Core I7
Memory: 16 GB
Presonus. Studio One Pro V4
Hardware Studio Channel II
Hardware Saffire Pro 40
Hardware DBX 160a
Hardware DBX 160XT
Hardware Pro VLA II
Hardware WA76
Hardware Klark Teknik EQP-KT
Presonus. V2 Monitor Station
Presonus. FaderPort 8

"God's grace" :D
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by thomasbaxter on Sat Jun 30, 2018 10:10 pm
I haven't really tackled rule sets yet, but rule sets for GPO5 and World Instruments would certainly be welcome. I haven't had much luck with keyswitching in the Aria player.

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