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Is it plan that this feature is enhance soon ?

or maybe are there some hints to get better results ?. for example. A midi rythm riff that contain only power chords (c,g) is not detect in chords. when choose "extract to chord track" do nothing.

and when try to follow the chord track then the notes are wrong translate even when power chords mode is select. when i change in this midi riff chord from C to G, then s1 4 change notes to D and G
when i change to chord F then s1 maker notes C and F. ir look as s1 developer did not know what a power chord is, but in the chord selector when click on power chord, the correct notes (c+g) are highlight. paralel, bass, narrow, all modes do it wrong

when i select in chord selector major chord C , then this is translate to f, C one octave higher

i think chord follow and extract to chord work currently more as a randomize function. maybe sometimes get nice riff variations, but i think there should also a mode that it correct work.

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by Trucky on Thu Jun 14, 2018 1:49 pm
The first release of the new Chord Track feature does well with detecting triad (3 notes) chords. It's working well with what I've tried so far, especially when I use my best track as a source for the Chord Track. Future updates will get better over time.

Here's a good tutorial on how to use the Chord Track:


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by bennyr1 on Fri Jun 15, 2018 2:11 am
I test powerchord with 3 notes (C,G,C+1 octave). here it is too not detect and transpose wrong. I notice with parallel get good results in 3 note chords even if they are wide (C,G,E+1 octave)

win 10 64 I5 8600K(6*4.1 GHZ) studio one V3 prime 3.5.4 V 4 demo

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