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So ...

I've got this rusty HP RP3 Retail System, Model 3100 DeskTop PC .

It has the following expansion slot ;


Full-height (one slot available, with a choice of one of two interfaces):

HP RP3 PCI Riser Assembly: PCI - One each: 4.2-inch full height, 6.6-inch length, 25-W max power
HP RP3 PCIe Riser Assembly: PCIe x1 - One each: 4.2-inch full height, 6.6-inch length, 10-W max power

Which one installed is unclear .

I would like to know is there such a firewire card for this kind of PC, so that I could put my FIRESTUDIO project to use with it ?

Toni S .

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by klypeman on Tue Jun 12, 2018 3:34 am
What I'm using as a FireWire card is a : VIA 1394 OHCI Compliant Host Controller. that's PCI.
I have had no problems with that.

If you are going to look for another brand don't use a Ricoh chip-set based one as they are mostly trouble, go for one with a Texas Instruments chip-set as recommended from Presonus in the past.

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