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Finally, after months of lurking and occasionally remembering to study for exams, I have made something kinda substantial for a change.
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by sebastianholtzer on Fri May 18, 2018 12:54 am
I`m listening right now to Sulfur. I like the ideas and the atmosphere you build up.
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by scottyo7 on Fri May 18, 2018 1:57 pm
Nice instrument selection and variation throughout.
Very well mixed and sounds great in the stereo spread. 8-)

I like how you vary the pitch a bit on some instruments to give dissonance/eeriness.
The spoken word style is nice but would prefer it be tuned in key.
However I'm not the best singer myself and have considered 'spoken word' too but you surely have the jump on me. ;)
Percussion fits well and is minimal but would prefer some variance like fills, dropouts or flurries.

Lastly, a whole minute before anything really happens might stretch ones' attention span. :roll:
So I'm split on that beginning - I understand 'building up' a song but it also sounded to me much like the "Liquid Mind" stuff that I don't care for at all. :(

Snow: Sorry, cant' handle drone songs.

Caldera: Overall this is just so nice. I like the stop @ 1:22.
Nice vocal effects to give the spoken word variance and depth.
Love the bell like arppegiation @ 1:50-2:40 kind of like a solo.

Also like violin-like instrument @ 3:10-3:40, the dropout @ 3:50-4:00, and all else that follows... lots of change, yet all very cohesive to the song!
Oh very cool with the fade out, then the piano outro with just the right amount of reverb. :mrgreen:

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