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This is the unofficial guide to Series III Monitoring in DAW Mode using TRS connections created by Trucky Krueger, Jeff Pettit and Jim Saad. A simplified version of this content (using XLR connections) was officially added to the Studio One Integration and Quick Start for StudioLive Mixers Reference Manual, however, many studios and headphone amplifiers are TRS based and this gives a full detailed version of how to set up with three different monitoring approaches.

StudioLive - Studio One Monitoring (TRS Addendum) V1g.pdf
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by thomashuntington1 on Thu Jun 07, 2018 4:08 pm
Thanks so much for the file! A lot to digest and I'm grateful someone took the time and effort to write it down. I'm sure this design gives you the absolute most freedom of ways to put it all together, but man that's a lot of steps . Maybe I wanted less freedom and didn't realize it till now.....

Instead of DAW mode, how about DUH mode? Push a button and everything goes to absolutely as basic as it can get.......


Thom Huntington

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