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Studio One is a wonderful DAW and I don’t find any problem in performing any required task , and if needed I get the necessary help through YouTube videos or other online resources. The only thing I couldn’t find an answer to is how can I adjust the volume on sections (only) of a MIDI track (not the audio automation) and not the whole track? The lower part of the MIDI editing window should enable add parameters including volume but I could not find it in the drop down list but Velocity for example is there and works well.
Any Studio One 3.5 expert’s help would be very much appreciated.
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by snb1 on Thu Jan 17, 2019 7:15 pm
Using the velocity would be your best bet in this case. Set up a key commands to raise and lower the velocity of selected midi notes or events. So all you would have to do is select a midi event and use your key commands to either raise or lower the velocities. But make sure the velocity is linked to volume on your vsti.

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