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a few updates back a problem ocurred here which i think didn't exist in the beginning (bought my 192 about two years ago).
About a year or so ago, after an update of UC & Firmware, my Studio 192 started "forgetting" the settings of the "pre" values in its input channels. But - and this is weird - only sometimes. What I mean is: In a certain recording session I set the "pre" value to, let's say, 20. When I shut down my PC and start it again the next day, the Pre value is 0 (in ALL channels). But - as I said - not always! Sometimes its still 20. And sometimes it's 0. All the other settings of EQ, dynamics etc. are NOT affected, they are being miraculously remembered...

All UC & FW updates of the last months haven't solved this issue.

Does anyone else have this problem and knows how to solve it? Thanks!

PC: Wortmann Terra Business 7100 - Win 8.1 Prof.; Intel i7; 16 GB RAM; EMU 1820m
Notebook: Wortmann Terra - Win 7 Prof., Intel i7; 8 GB RAM; EMU 1616m
Software: Cubase 5.5.3 / C 7.0.7 / C 8.0.3; Groove Agent 2 & 4, Hypersonic 2, HalionSonic 1.6.5; EZ Drummer 2, Addictive Drums 1 & 2, div. EastWest-Libraries; NI Komplete 8 & many other awesome FX- & VSTi-PlugIns

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