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hi all,

i'm sure this has been beaten to death.

what are the common methods for articulation changes in S1 Pro 3.5.5?

was this ever implemented?

http://answers.presonus.com/3240/articu ... r?start=10

i am just getting back into orchestration.

i use some Kontakt, but mostly VEP 6 and VI Pro with my VSL libraries.

do users simply record there CCs and keyswitches on each instrument track?


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by robertgray3 on Sun Apr 08, 2018 10:28 am
I only did some cursory research but I think so! Most demos I’ve seen the switches are on the piano roll and they have a few CC lanes open.

If you want them to prioritize an articulation editor please vote on this Feature Request. It’s pretty high on the vote rankings so it will most likely get implemented. Disclaimer: DAW dev time can feel painfully slow when you need features immediately :)

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