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Received a new score by Gerald Finzi the other day. I love this little piece, one of a suite called Bagatelles, arranged for string quartet and clarinet.

I used Notion to record this, with Spitfire Sacconi Quartet and Versilian Chamber Orchestra Clarinet. They were placed in a Vienna Ensemble player and the instruments were placed in MIRPro. I used a simple X-Y HyperCardioid mic setup with the instruments placed very closely to the left and right of the mics with the Clarinetist upstage center.

No DAWs were harmed in the production of this music! :lol: All instrument parameters were controlled by MIDI CC data recorded on Sequencer Staves, and all note lengths were carefully adjusted in the Sequencer Overlay for phrasing and legato effects, etc. Velocities were controlled by a Velocity Map in a Notion Ruleset. Playing techniques were also controlled by the Ruleset.

Let me know what you think!

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