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jpettit wroteDecent article on Monitoring.
https://www.presonus.com/learn/technica ... -Interface


I just read that article and was hoping it would shred some light over the input monitor problem addressed in this shred.
But from the articles point of view it shouldn't be any more complicated than press record (as in earlier versions of S1) but the problem persist, when using out of the box hardware monitoring hitting play or record the meter disappears . Maby it works with Presonus own hardware and that's why they haven't discovered it and fixed it? (doesn't seems realistic though...)
I really really hope they will address this soon!

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by waltong on Sat May 11, 2019 1:52 pm
jpettit wrote
raphaelrouah wroteHello, it looks like Studio One 3.5 is adding 3dB of gain when monitoring MONO tracks (instrument and audio) with the new low latency mode.

1 Create a mono audio track to monitor a synth or a mic, monitor it and switch the low latency on to off to on etc (Z below the master fader).
2 Another way is to send a stereo instrument track to a bus, then to mono that bus, and to switch on and off low latency for instruments, it adds again 3dB when enabled.

Confirmed ( will write it up later today)
2) required Z to be the switch at the instrument level, not the level of the channel.

FYI this might be related to the mysterious input stopping issue.

I am experiencing the opposite issue of the master channel losing 3db when a mono signal is being played.

Steps to recreate:
1. Add a mono track
2. Add a tone generator plugin on the mono track
3. Play a sine wave from the tone generator at 0dBfs
4. Add a level meter plugin on the mono track and the master output channel

The level meter on the mono track will read 0dBfs
The level meter on the master channel will read -3dBfs

5. Now pan the mono channel hard left or right
The level meter on the master channel will read 0dBfs

Any explaination for this attenuation on mono signals panned center?

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