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I'm loving the idea of the user layer for the faders on the S3.
There are only so many faders you can fit on the iPad screen. Will we be able to see our user layer from the iPad? It would be great group the stuff I'm interested in onto the first page of faders on the iPad.
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by stingray1122 on Thu Feb 09, 2017 1:58 pm
The initial release of UC Surface 2.0 will not have a user layer view. This is something on the roadmap to add but I don't have a release date for it yet.

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by brucedavidson on Thu May 25, 2017 9:42 am
Would love to see this sooner rather than later to be honest, DCAs are fine for a quick group mix but for just the odd single channel is a bit too much and I'm finding the user layer on the desk extremely useful.

Seeing as we don't have compatible stage boxes yet (hint again) ;) remote mixing on an iPad etc. seems to be the only option at the moment, so adding this would be incredibly valuable...
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by Jessa on Fri Jun 26, 2020 6:01 am
June 2020 and do we have user layer ability on UC Surface for series 3 rack mixers??,No we don't,!!!!!!! The UC surface app for android devices is a complete and utter joke , the app is soooooo small with no way of customizing it and no user layer, it really makes this app completley unusable in a live situation????, This has been asked for by many, many user's since 2017, It's so frustrating, your gear sounds great, competitively priced but your software is sadly lacking. I've had enough of waiting for things to get done, I love you presonus but your attitude to software absolutely sux....Oh well , A&H , here I come...:( :thumbdown:
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by bubbaguth on Fri Jun 26, 2020 5:52 pm
Assuming your intentions are genuine, I am providing a genuine response as I can sympathize with your frustration...we have all been waiting a long time for this. That said...it sounds like you have done some homework on some of the competition and I would like to know more about the A&H solution since I haven't researched their solution for the past few years:

1. Which A&H product are you going to purchase and for which reasons? Is there more than just the lack of User Layer in UC Surface which is causing you to switch?

2. I would love to understand how the A&H user layer. I assume their hardware/software has an equivalent or better solution? Please explain their User Layer feature or how it's done better?

3 How much much is the A&H solution cost? How much do you have invested in PreSonus gear? Assuming you are doing this for profit, what other factors do you consider in making this type of business decision? Did you know this feature was not available before purchasing this gear and you purchased it anyway? Why didn't you consider A&H at this time then? What didn't the A&H offer that PreSonus provided that lured you into buying PreSonus regardless of this lacking feature?

4. When you sell your PreSonus gear, please let us know as I am sure that you will have a lot of interested buyers if you are dumping it.

I have done hundreds of live shows with PreSonus gear over the past several years from small venues to large outdoor "concert" settings with iPad mixes, Android mixes (which I appreciate the extra channel real estate), to full on 64s mixes and I have never thought this product to be unusable...I agree that it could be better, but I have done many mixes as well on the Behringer X32 Mix and I could say a lot about that too, but I adjust to the tools I am working with. What makes the A&H so much better than PreSonus or Behringer for that matter?

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by Jessa on Mon Jul 13, 2020 1:13 am
Dude, i just wanna have a user layer...?? UC is ok, at best as a remote operating system on an "
Android" 10.1" tablet, I'm sure it functions much better on a laptop or large touch screen device. Over the past 10 years I've tried pretty much all of the mid level consumer boards to entry level pro digital boards and to me at least, they all do pretty much the same thing, and they all sound pretty close as far as " live production" is concerned ( a studio environment may vary ever so slightly) anyhoo. Digital mic Pre's are ( in the under 10k market) are all pretty much created equal, clean, quiet, and transparent...

With that being said, the software is where these boards really differ. I have always considered Presonus to be up there with the best sounding converters and workflow, but their software has always been, mmmm, "clunky". If presonus were to pawn out the remote software to independent development , they would seriously kik some royal bleep, that's what keeps me in hope, but it just takes sooooo long when really, it just shouldn't.

A&H, Midas (Berry) , Roland , Yamaha , Soundcraft all share really good well thought out software, that just works, but that's just my 5000 + gig/production experience :punk:

Anyways, as i said , I love presonus, Studio One is totally awesome, but!, it wasn't designed by Presonus, rather it was marketed and sold by Presonus.

Do the same with the StudioLive stuff and it would be the mixer of choice ( in that price range)...

Only my 2c worth though.

P.S...I still want my user layer on UC please Presonus...:)
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by epicpc on Wed Jul 15, 2020 2:05 pm
Please could you add User Layer to UC surface. SL rack controlling with a Windows touchscreen. Awesome software but would love to see the user layer like the boards.

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by theholyhermit on Thu Nov 12, 2020 10:34 pm
Please, oh please give us a User layer on every version of UC Surface. For our 32S, the Tape In (where our computer audio comes in), we have to quick scroll to the right to grab (or slow scroll on a tablet) and go past all sorts of things that particular mix doesn't need. If only there were a way to customize it....like you can on the physical board itself....

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