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Lot's of modern music has pre-bend as an articulation for electric guitar, where you bend the whammy bar down a little bit and then pluck the string while releasing the whammy bar. This mimics synthesizers where you lower the bitch bend before striking the note and then let the pitch slide up.

Currently, notion has no way to notate this. You have to place a note, then put a very short whammy down and then a whammy up and drag it to approximate the effect. But musically this is not the same thing.

Notion has pre-bend up (string bend), but of course, there's no such thing as "pre-bend down" on a guitar unless you want to bend the neck!

However, when writing for electric guitar using whammy bar, pre-bending down is actually TYPICAL for guitar parts. Granted, it's a certain style, but a very commonly used one, including in modern cinema arrangements that combine guitar into orchestral material.

Please add this feature, as it's a very common thing to do with whammy guitar.

This same notation can also be used for the synthesizer (as pitch wheel) - Unless there are specific notations for synthesizer pitch wheel I don't know about....

I'm running Notion for iPad version 2.0.143


Rex Perry

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