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Currently, if you write some notes into a measure, you cannot insert new note/rest between existing notes or rests. When you delete a note or rest, the remaining notes/rests pull over to the left to fill in the space. I've used a workaround, which is to start off by filling in the entire measure with rests of the smallest size that will be used, and then go back and change them to whatever is needed. Since you can convert rests to notes, this creates "spaces" that you can fill in or commit as needed. But that's a kind of dumb way to write music.

Several of the other notation programs have functions for this:

1. Insert note/rest before or after current position
2. Divide note/rest (example: a quarter note becomes two eighth notes, you can then adjust the pitches as needed.)

Being able to insert or divide a note/rest will vastly improve workflow in composing measures of music.

By the way, another poster suggested that simply zooming in allows you to place the cursor between whatever items are in the measure. This is not true, I tried it. The program automatically closes down the "gap" between items and the cursor will only move to the next value in the measure, so if you already wrote notes into the measure, the cursor will only move over to the right onto the next note or rest already there. So the only real option is to re-write the whole measure from wherever you wanted to insert a new note/rest.

As noted, other programs already have either "divide" note/rest or insert before/after current item.

I hope that all makes sense!

I'm running Notion for iPad version 2.0.143

Rex Perry

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